Prior to pregnancy, massage may have been a treat. At Glow, massage transforms into a tailored treatment for mothers-to-be and new moms to nurture their bodies' growing needs.

A key component to holistic prenatal care, Glow massage can impart stress relief, reduce swelling, relieve pain and support your amazingly adaptive body for an easier labor and recovery. 

Whether for a little alone time or a little less sciatica, you’re in for a deep and nurturing experience. You’ll be kneaded and stretched to the tune of our custom playlists, custom temperature controls and specifically tailored table, bolsters and cushions for the best belly and back support you’ve felt in a while.


60 minutes  |  125.
75 minutes  |  135.
90 minutes  |  150. 

5- PACK           

55 minutes  |  565. |  save 10%
75 minutes  |  600. |  save 10%  
90 minutes  |  635. |  save 15%

In-Home Massage            

90 minutes  |  210. *Call to arrange


Dry Body Scrub | 30.
Naturally exfoliating, detoxifying and refreshing for 15 minutes prior to your massage.

*Massages end 5 mins prior to posted length

*Massage prices increasing in November

Birth Education

At Glow, we hold space for every woman to connect to the information, wisdom and deeper growth they may seek from their pregnancy and birth experience.

We offer private, in-home sessions in person with our birth educators, whose holistic approach delivers informative and emotional support free of agenda, so you feel confident and ready for birth. We are available for birth education internationally via Skype.

Our birth education is appropriate for couples birthing in hospital, birth center or at home, as we tailor each class to your needs. 


All of our classes are available via Skype or FaceTime. No matter where you are in the world, we offer our services directly in your home through the internet. Contact us via email to schedule a session.

90 MINUTES | 200.

It’s time to get your home Glowing! We’ll set-up your space for pre-labor and teach you how to use it in the most comfortable and productive ways.

Mom will learn about positions for labor, and support partners will learn how to facilitate labor with massage, breath work and focused guidance.

This class is a perfect add-on to your hospital course.

30 MINUTES | 75.

Planning your birth support can be daunting. Vetting hospitals, primary medical providers and birth education programs can produce significant stress in an already packed life. 

Over a 30 minute Skype or phone call, we'll discuss your needs, clarify your options,and help you plan your maternity care, no matter where you live. 

4 HOURS | 400.

Let’s learn all about childbirth – this course gives you all all you’ll need to know and more, taught in the comfort of your home! 

You’ll receive a complete birth education covering all pertinent topics including the physiology of birth, the phases of labor, managing labor pain, partner support and personalized information addressing your specific concerns.

Newborn care
90 MINUTES | 200.

Most of us don't have vast experience with newborns, but this tailored class will build your confidence for those first weeks with your newborn.

Learn about swaddling, bathing, feeding, the newborn signals, umbilical cord care and care for your own healing body. 

Doula Services

Your birthing experience deserves to be just that: yours. Glow’s highly experienced and revered doulas respect your personal desires with an impassioned commitment for the health, safety and comfort of both mom and baby.

Together, we tailor and facilitate the birthing experience each mother seeks, whether at home or in a hospital setting. To best support you and your family throughout pregnancy and into parenting, our two Birth Support Packages include massage and birth education in addition to doula services.

*Please note that our doulas usually book up several months in advance; the ideal time to find your doula is the beginning of your second trimester (12-15 weeks)*

PACKAGE A | 2,400.

60 minute prenatal massage
90 minute Comfort Birth Education Session
2 prenatal visits with our doula
Doula attendance at your labor and birth
1 doula visit after baby arrives
60 minute postpartum massage with body scrub


PACKAGE B | 2,600.

90 minute prenatal massage
Core Birth Education course (4 hours)
2 prenatal visits with our doula
Doula attendance at your labor and birth
1 doula visit after baby arrives
75 minute postpartum massage with body scrub

A LA CARTE | 2,000.

2 prenatal visits with our doula
Doula attendance at your labor and birth
1 doula visit after baby arrives


As a woman births a new life, her role of mother is in need of support as much as ever.

Our Postpartum Doulas help families transition home and adjust to life with a newborn by supporting mom in first weeks of baby’s arrival.

MENU OF SERVICES | 35./HR   40./twins   45./triplets

Assistance with sleep patterns
Newborn care throughout the night so you can sleep
Help calming fussy babies
Breastfeeding assistance
Help with newborn care (bathing, swaddling, etc.)
C-section care and assistance with tasks post-surgery
Guidance reading your baby’s signals
Light housekeeping
Meal preparation
8 hour minimum required for nighttime care
4 hour minimum required for daytime care (can be split into 2 hour visits)