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Q&A with Sara Lyon, Founder of Glow

Q&A with Sara Lyon, Founder of Glow

Tell us about your Wisdom in the Mama app?
I find myself trapped in a cycle of trying hard and then wondering if I’m trying hard enough. It’s stupid. I’m over it. It generates stress to no good end. I’m actively trying to retrain my brain for positivity: what am I succeeding at? It’s leaving more energy to enjoy my kids as well as my personal pursuits when I’m not working.



Why she’s amazing:

Sara founded Glow Birth & Body in 2010 as a childbirth educator, doula and massage therapist. The mission of Glow is to empower more women to feel good in their bodies during pregnancy and receive the support they need to achieve a fulfilling, non-traumatic birth experience.

Nearly 10,000 clients later, Glow continues to thrive as the preeminent prenatal massage source in the Bay Area. And Sara’s latest venture, The Birth Deck, is a compilation of 50 super effective comfort techniques for childbirth housed in a deck of cards and mobile app.

In our conversation, she shares:

  • How she structured her business so that it could basically run itself and so that she can be bi-coastal

  • What led her to study massage therapy, women’s health, and birth in the first place and why she moved to Australia for 5 years to deepen her education

  • The role collaboration and partnerships played in the initial traction and growth of her business and the role they play today

  • Why she recommends narrowing the focus of your business and the reasons it sets you up for success

  • Her top 3 tips for building referral partnerships with other wellness practitioners

  • And so much more!


Sara Lyon Interviewed on the WILD WMN Podcast

Sara Lyon Interviewed on the WILD WMN Podcast

In this week’s WILD WMN podcast Elizabeth Flynn speaks with Sara Lyon, creator of The Birth Deck and founder of Glow Birth and Body, mama, doula, birth educator and boss lady about the journey to birth and empowering women.