Receive 8-weeks of professional postpartum support online

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Get connected to 16 of the industry’s leading postpartum experts, who all share their best care practices with you, in an educational program that’s designed to support your total wellness in your life after birth.

Recover physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, so that you can avoid depression and anxiety, and feel better during your child’s first year of life.

The program features interviews with homebirth midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, nutritionists, postpartum support specialists, baby sleep consultants, and more, who all have one goal in mind: to tell you how YOU can improve your postpartum experience.

Get 8-weeks worth of daily informational videos and support from some of the leading names in the birth/postpartum/motherhood/nutrition/health and wellness/lactation industries, whom have all come together to serve and support you and your baby in your grand transition into your 4th trimester and beyond.


 How to succeed at early attempts at breastfeeding

 How to remedy breastfeeding issues such as: undersupply, oversupply, engorgement, painful latch, sore nipples, clogged ducts and infections

• What foods to eat to increase (or decrease) your milk supply

 How to recognize your baby’s hunger cues

 How to know if your baby is getting enough milk

 What hormonal shifts you will experience postpartum

 What foods to eat (and what foods to avoid) for optimal hormonal health, energy, vibrancy and mood stabilization

 What symptoms to look out for that may indicate you need a change in diet

 How to alleviate common postpartum problems such as: trouble sleeping, insomnia, depression, low energy or lethargy, moodiness, depression, irritable or irregular bowel syndrome, skin rashes or breakouts, autoimmune disease, or excessive feelings of anger, rage, stress, sadness or overwhelm

 What you can do to improve your gut health

 Easy daily rituals to cleanse and detox the body

 What you should expect in the immediate postpartum minutes, hours, days and weeks

 How to properly heal from a vaginal (or cesarean) birth

 How to alleviate post-birth soreness or pain

 Recommended herbs and supplements to take for optimal birth recovery

 How birth and postpartum doulas help women transition to early motherhood

 How birth outcome can affect a woman’s postpartum health and recovery

 How fetal positioning can impact birth outcome

 What pregnant women can do to improve their baby’s fetal positioning

 How women can cope with a birth outcome they are not happy with

 What changes in your life after having baby

 What emotions you should not be surprised to feel in the weeks after birth

 What does postpartum depression/anxiety/psychosis look like and how can you know if you have it

 Why finding support is crucial to EVERY woman’s health and happiness in her life with a new baby—regardless of whether or not she feels depressed

 Journaling exercises, positive thoughts, and mantras you can adapt to overcome challenges

 How you can spark more joy into your postpartum life

 What self-care techniques even new moms can employ

 Why we feel “stuck” in stories of what motherhood is supposed to look like

 The real reason why we have to take care of ourselves first in order to take care of our babies

 How we can learn to see the challenges that arise in early motherhood as “opportunities” to learn and grow

 How to work though feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt, missing your pre-baby life, or any of the emotions that come up postpartum

 How to ask for what you need and be able to receive it fully without feeling guilt or shame

 How to first feel your moodiness, sadness, anger, resentment, rage, overwhelm, stress or depression in order to move through it and move forward with greater ease, awareness and clarity in your life.