Growing a baby necessarily forces your organs to the sides of your abdomen. Your tummy muscles, connective tissue and skin stretch to accommodate your growing baby. After birthing, you are left with an abdominal void, an empty space where the baby once grew. Your body gives you about 6 weeks to acutely impact the healing of your abdominal and pelvic tissue. Depending on our breastfeeding tenure, you have about 6 months to recover from birth before your beneficial postpartum hormones dwindle and you’ll then start fighting an uphill battle to bring our organs and abdominal tissue back into alignment. The first 6 weeks postpartum are imperative to our lifelong urinary and sexual health.

In the Bay Area we have access to a wealth of prenatal education but we rarely learn about postpartum rehabilitation. Recently, the tradition of postpartum corseting or “belly binding” has gained popularity. Lauded for its superficial impact on Hollywood starlets (Jessica Alba’s abs immediately postpartum, anyone?) the practice’s exposure has us buzzing. More important than fitting into your pre-baby jeans, the practice of belly binding can protect you from a secretly common ailment that we previously discussed in our June newsletter: Uterine prolapse.

Prolapse occurs when the uterus falls through the weakened pelvic floor and into or even out of the vagina. Painful, scary and embarrassing, prolapse is mostly preventable if postpartum care is taken seriously. Postpartum corseting draws the abdomen back to the spine and brings your abs together in the case of diastasis recti.

A postpartum corset retrains the tissue to support your lower back and organs as the postpartum hormones reset your posture. Combined with the pelvic floor exercises from our June newsletter, you are giving your torso the kindest support possible.


Glow has sourced the best postpartum corsets available in America. Unlike the bulky Velcro versions developed in the U.S., or the time consuming woven binders, we offer South American eye-hooked corsets with flexible boning so the fabric stays put at your hips and around your upper torso. Our postpartum wellness specialist will visit you immediately postpartum to take your measurements and fit you for the appropriate sizing. Contact us at for more information on corset fitting and more postpartum services to care for your body.